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Virtuous New Life Ministries (VNL) is a non-denominational church that teaches the word of God with simplicity and relevance so that it can be incorporated into your everyday life. The goal is to reach the lost, the confused, the uncommitted, and those who want to experience non-traditional church. We believe that true worship begins with having a personal relationship with God. VNL Ministries is a non-judgmental fellowship where all are welcome to experience what it truly means to be free (mentally, spiritually, and emotionally) to worship God in the beauty of holiness. You are invited to join us by becoming a part of our family. We hope to welcome you as a new member soon!



In 2017, Pastor Douglas Blacknall was inspired by God to develop Virtuous New Life Ministries.  His passion is to help those who have been abused or broken by the challenges of life. Serving under the auspice of Bishop T.L. Blacknall of Bethel Community Church Intl., Pastor Douglas specializes in helping those who are battling with mental, emotional, or substance abuse. His message is Christ-centered and bible based. None of this would be possible without the power and anointing given by our lord and savior Jesus Christ. In 2018, Pastor Douglas Blacknall and his wife relocated to Dayton, Ohio.  Since then, technology has allowed them to serve in an even greater capacity virtually. When a person has a servant’s heart and a love for what they do, as he does, nothing will stand in the way of their servitude. His time and ministry are always available to those who truly want to be free from the power of darkness.



Serving alongside Pastor Douglas is Executive Pastor Emma. Her desire is to assist those who are confused and those who have been abused in receiving healing and salvation. In her discussions, you’ll find current and relevant conversation that will help you in transforming your life. Her love of people and resolve to help those facing challenges, especially issues resulting from social determinants of health, led to her completion of a Master’s Degree in Public Health in June of 2020. Lady Emma's creative and strategic mindset along with God’s anointing has given her the ability to help people confront themselves and make the changes required to live a purpose-driven life inspired by God’s word.  

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