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Virtuous New Life Ministries works with community leaders to fill in areas of need for their local area. Check out the photos below of recent initiatives by VNL. To help out with future events or make donations, fill out the contact us form!

Senior Fellowship

Each month Virtuous New Life Ministries gathers for fellowship with seniors in the local community. During our fellowship, we provide both spiritual and physical nourishment to ensure that our seniors are well fed and supported. In James 1:27, we are called to remember to look after our elders to make sure they are not forgotten. 

Community Laundry Day 

Through our ‘Loads of Love, Laundry Events, Virtuous New Life Ministries helps to bridge the gap in the greater Dayton region. Parents and caregivers get  to bring all their laundry items including clothing, bedding, linen, etc. to be washed and dried at a local laundromat, at no cost to them. Detergent and fabric softener is supplied for all loads. We service 30-40 families at each event.

Contact us to participate by:
   1.    Donating laundry supplies
   2.    Donating funds to purchase supplies or to pay for washer and dryer costs 
   3.    Volunteer to help out on event day. 

Thanksgiving Day Baskets

Virtuous New Life Ministries’ Thanksgiving program offers a Thanksgiving food basket complete with a turkey and sides to families in need in the Dayton regional area. Parents and caregivers get to participate in this annual tradition without depleting their monthly food budget. This year we serviced 88 families including 42 Senior households for a total of 233 people. Providing food items for that many people requires  volunteers, donated food and supplies, as well as money to purchase everything that has not been donated.

Contact us to participate by:
   1.    Donating food and/or supplies
   2.    Donating funds to purchase food
   3.    Volunteering to help pack or distribute food baskets

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